Create a legacy for change, help eradicate sexual violence and all forms of abuse.

The Student Halo Hubs model works with societies and staff to empower and embed a zero-tolerance to gender-based violence with an intersectional focus and aims to amplify the voices of students from minority and underrepresented groups, to build an inclusive and safe environment against sexual violence

    Why start a Student Halo Hub

    Establishing a Student Halo Hub will help you create a programme of learning aimed to end violence against women and girls.

    We can help you create a program of learning aimed to end violence against women and girls

    Through our accredited illegal hidden harms training programme, tool-kits and events programme you can be part of this unique programme developed by students for students.

    How do we achieve this?

    Student Halo Hubs - Creating change on campus

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    Through the Halo Hub Initiative, we have both student activist groups to raise awareness on campus and in their local community as well as training programmes for both staff and students available to purchase.

    Our student groups work as societies through the Students Union and are entirely student-led and we encourage students to be innovative in their running of the Hubs, coming up with new ways to engage their campus community.

    Our training packages are tailored to staff and students to begin conversations around abuse and to educate on how to work with those who have experienced abuse. All sessions can be tailored to the needs of you or your organisation.

    Eager to set up a Halo Hub at your own educational institution or want to join an existing Hub?

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    Safeguarding and Well-being Staff

    As part of the Student Halo Hub model, we work with staff to provide the interface between safeguarding students and the wider community through our accredited training programmes.

    Student Halo Hub Aims

    The Hub model will provide a platform for both students, societies and staff to raise awareness on campus and in the local community. Providing training programmes tailored to improving the welfare and safety of students on and off-campus.

    Our student led halo hubs work through societies via student unions focussing on innovation and embedding change. You will be provided with a dedicated support team and have access to tools, ideas and an insight to the work of the Charity


    End cycles of abuse for
    future generations


    Develop your knowledge of
    hidden harms


    Create a legacy for change
    today to end violence

    “Future generations and leaders can change societal attitudes and embed real change to end violence against women and girls. This pioneering, student-led programme has enabled this change through education, awareness and training programmes”
    Yasmin Khan
    CEO & Founder of the Halo Project.

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