The Halo Project is an award-winning national charity providing confidential advice and culturally-sensitive support to Black and minoritised victims and survivors of domestic abuse, sexual violence and hidden harms; specialising in cases of forced marriage (FM), female genital mutilation (FGM), and honour based abuse (HBA).

We have a national helpline for both victims and agencies seeking specialist support, provide refuge to women and children in our specialist Halo Homes, and deliver bespoke training across the UK to raise awareness of hidden harms within institutions and communities – which is essential to the prevention of future victims and identification of those currently at risk. We also provide bespoke community education programmes for women and girls around domestic abuse and sexual violence including FM, HBA & FGM.
The student Halo Hubs have been introduced to address gaps in student safety on campus, powered with trauma informed tools for training and peer to peer support, for those passionate about eliminating all forms of abuse. The student halo hub also provides a vital link and support mechanism for staff and support services within education establishments.

The first Halo Hub was founded in 2014 by an incredible student volunteer named Maya at Durham University. Maya took the initiative to propel our idea for engaging young people in discussions on hidden harms into a working project that is what we now know as the Halo Hub initiative.
Since 2014, we have slowly developed the Halo Hub idea and now have Hubs in universities across the UK, and continue to grow. We are also expanding through the introduction of Halo Hubs overseas, which will enable new environments for students to discuss and challenge cultures of abuse globally.

Our student groups work as societies through the Students Union and are entirely student led and we encourage students to be innovative in their running of the Hubs, coming up with new ways to engage their university community.

Previous Halo Hub activity includes:

Provision of information on FM, FGM and HBA on-campus and in the community

Signposting communities, victims and survivors, and those at risk, to specialist support services
Awareness-raising and fundraising events such as debates, mock trials, community outreach, information
stands, bake sales, raffles, quizzes, and cinema nights

Social media campaigns, newsletters and online petitions

Production of marketing materials including posters, flyers and leaflets which are proudly displayed at Halo
Project HQ and the Home Office HQ

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